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Good restaurants abound throughout the island of Zakynthos and we have selected the best for you to enjoy.

Because of the islands varied history, Mediterranean and Venetian influences can be found not only in the type of dishes, but also in the names of the local dishes: stifado, a rich stew, has Italian origins, and pasta dishes, such as pastitsio – a layered macaroni, ragú and béchamel dish – are fairly common. However, on the island, as on the mainland, traditional Zakynthian dining is all about meze, lots of little taster plates to be shared convivially.

This combination of traditional cooking and outside influences has produced a vast range of restaurant types. Fresh fish and seafood are plentiful and fishermen supply tavernas directly. In the interior of the island there is an abundance of lamb, delicious local cheeses, and a host of locally (and most often organically) grown fruits & vegetables to make your mouth water.

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